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- Sakurai Atsushi ~ Explosion Live [2004]

Sunday, September 5, 2010

B-T Picture Product Vol. 5 [Nex.us] DVD

1. Loop
2. Love Letter
3. Kimi No Vanilla
4. Kodou
5. Kagirinaku Nezumi
6. Rakuen (Inori Negai) 
7. Hosoi Sen
8. Somewhere Nowhere
9. Ai Kawarazu no 「Are」No KATAMARI Ga Nosabaru Hedo No Soko No Fukidamari
10. Detarame Yarou
11. Misshitsu
12. Kick (Daichi Wo Keru Otoko)
13. Itoshi No ROCK STAR
14. Uta
15. Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai    Subete Gokai Da
16. Loop Mark II
[Bonus Track: Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai    Subete Gokai Da - Live Version]

DVD image file created with "Nero". To view the video you have to download all parts to a special folder created for the DVD and join them with hj split. You can burn the DVD image with "Nero" (or a similar program) into a virgin 8,5 GB DVD to reproduce in a DVD player, or you can open the DVD image file with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (Both are programs that emulate CD/DVD Images). To reproduce the video in your PC I recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD player or Media PLayed Classic.


dari-j said...

THANK YOU!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lokiseto said...

Hey dari-j! :D You're welcome!!! ;-)

SweetJenny said...

oh thank you for your update!!! <3<3<3
the picture product vol 5 is the last dvd of this series? after that there is the dvd's picture product II?

Lokiseto said...

Hello SweetJenny! You're welcome! ^_^

Yes! The Picture Product Vol 5 is the last of this series (5 discs box set, released in March 21, 2002).

After that comes the Picture Product II (1 Disc, released in June 25, 2003) and that's the end of the Picture Product DVDs.

l-anne said...

thanks for uploading! *squees happily*

Anonymous said...

Lokiseto, thank you so much!
I missed your posts)

Anonymous said...

Picture Product Vol 5 Nex.us [SixNine PV's].nrg.028 is missing? Please upload it. ANd thank you for the whole PP! =)


l-anne said...

I'm sorry, but it seems part number 28 is missing from the hosting. Please upload it. Thanks.

SweetJenny said...

thank you lokiseto! ^_^
another question: where do you buy buck-tick's DVDs?

Angeltears said...

Something offtopic: Lokiseto, already listened to Buck-Tick's new Single? What do you think about it?

baka-geta said...

Hi, Lokiseto! I just want to say, THANXXX for your uploadss!!! ♥♥♥ I'm downloading Picture Product Vol.3 right now, will finish the whole series thanks to you, yeaaay! :)

Lokiseto said...

Hello everuybody! Indeed, part 28 was missing! Because of that I will have to make a new image, split it and reupload all parts again. I'm sorry for any trouble caused :S.

I will enable the link when all parts are completely uploaded again ^^

Lokiseto ;-)

Lokiseto said...

Hello SweetJenny! Some of the DVD's I got them from a Japanese Friend that sent them to me. Some of them I found them after several hours of intensive googling and searching all over internet (When I had free time) xDDDD :P and I bought 2. It's really difficult to buy the DVD's that's why I'm sharing here ;-)

Lokiseto said...

Hello Angeltears! I LOVE Kuchizuke! The and Yougetsu (b-side) it's really a great single. I like the PV too ^^. I can't waint to listen to the album xD

Lokiseto said...

Hello baka-geta! Thanks for your comment. I hope I can finish uploading PP vol 5 soon. This is a great serie of DVD's :D

SweetJenny said...

thanks for your answer...i have found some DVDs on ebay site. infact i found
BUCK-TICK Tour 2009 memento mori 090702 Taiwan DVD...do you are able to find it?
so thanks for all upload!! :)

Lokiseto said...

Hello SweetJenny! I always check the CDs and DVDs on CDJapan. Do you own BUCK-TICK Tour 2009 memento mori 090702 Taiwan DVD?

You're welcome ;-)

SweetJenny said...

no, i have seen this DVD on ebay. and i ask you if you have it!

Lokiseto said...

I have Memento Mori DVD but it's not the original T_T. I will buy it when I have the chance.

SweetJenny said...

you are not able to get the original dvd? and where do you find it?

Lokiseto said...

Well...it's kind of difficult to get the DVD's where I live :S...the dollar is really expensive right now(ToT). I was able get some goddies before the dollar went up. But now it's going to get some time to save enough to buy a DVD :(

I got most of the BT DVD's with a Japanese friend (he sent them to me). Some of the them I found them on the internet after intensive googling when I had the time xDDD

Anonymous said...

Dear Lokiseto there's something wrong with part 23. I can't get the access to it (Mediafire day after day repeats to say there are no free slots for this single file). Please could you reupload it on Megaupload?


Lokiseto said...

Hello Anonymous! I checked the file 23 and it seems it was deleted but I reuploaded it again.

Well...It's seems mediafire is having problems and sometimes delete the files :S...I don't know why T_T

I reupload it in mediafire. It seems it's working perfectly now.

I have a megaupload account but I haven't find out how to move the files into the folders I create for each DVD because everytime I try to upload something into a folder...the file does not upload into the folder I want to :S...and it takes more time to upload T_T.

I'll try with magaupload again when I have the time ;-)

SweetJenny said...

sorry, i want to say that you have the dvd of Atsushi Sakurai 2004 LIVE?
thanks for your answer

roses4tragedy said...

Thank you so much! <3 for Six/Nine XD

Lokiseto said...

@SweetJenny: I do have the Sakurai Atsushi Explosion Live 2004 DVD. A friend sent it to me (The full DVD...a clone). I don't have the original! (T_T). I will upload it soon! ^^

@roses4tragedy: You're welcome! ;-)

Eev K. said...

Nooo! I was in the middle of downloading these but your MF account was suspended ;_; I don't know if you still read comments here but if so, is there any way you could reupload these? I've wanted to watch it for ages! Thanks...

Eev K. said...