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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

B-T Picture Product Vol. 2 [Cha.os] DVD

This DVD contains PV's [1991-2000]

1. Speed
2. MAD
3. Angelic Conversation
4. Jupiter
5. Dress
6. Die
7. Uta
8. Kodou
9. Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai Subete Gokai Da
10. Candy
11. Heroin
12. Sasayaki
13. Gessekai
14. Brand-New Lover
15. Miu
16. Glamorous
[Bonus Track: TV SPOT]


DVD image file created with "Nero". To view the video you have to download all parts to a special folder created for the DVD and join them with hj split. You can burn the DVD image with "Nero" (or a similar program) into a virgin 4,7 GB DVD to reproduce in a DVD player, or you can open the DVD image file with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (Both are programs that emulate CD/DVD Images). To reproduce the video in your PC I recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD player or Media PLayed Classic.