- One Life, One Death Cut UP

- memento mori 090702 (Limited Edition)

- memento mori ~ rebirth [2009.10.11] at ZEPP TOKYO

- Sakurai Atsushi ~ Explosion Live [2004]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

B-T Picture Product Vol. 4 [Warp] DVD

Documentary History (Lives) narrated in English with Japanese subtitles [1992~2000]
Bonus track: JUST ONE MORE KISS [Climax Together at YOKOHAMA ARENA]


DVD image file created with "Nero". To view the video you have to download all parts to a special folder created for the DVD and join them with hj split. You can burn the DVD image with "Nero" (or a similar program) into a virgin 8,5 GB DVD to reproduce in a DVD player, or you can open the DVD image file with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (Both are programs that emulate CD/DVD Images). To reproduce the video in your PC I recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD player or Media PLayed Classic.


Angeltears said...

This has nothing to do with the video, but I would like to say that the new theme and background (of the website) looks great! It fits well with the Goth theme of B-T (Juusankai wa Gekkou). Nice done!

Lokiseto said...

Thanks for your comment! I think this new design fits better Buck-Tick's image! The goth theme of 13th Floor is one of my favorites!!! I really like it!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

HUGE thank you for all your work!

Lokiseto said...

Hello devalmy! Thanks for your comment! ^^

SweetJenny said...

wow! another upload!!! *_*
graet!! thank you!!!
only a question: do you have DVD of the concert when Ide fall? xD

Giu said...

I can't thank you enough for all this! Thanks thanks thanks! <3
You're wonderful *-*

Lokiseto said...

Hello SweetJenny! You're welcome! ^^
The only DVD where I've seen Hide falling is in "At The Night Side" DVD. I have that one in DVD format and there's an old post here with that video in avi format. Here is the link of that entry, just in case:


The "At The Night Side" video in DVD format is queued for upload ^^

Lokiseto said...

Hello Giu! You're welcome and thanks for your comment! ^^

SweetJenny said...

oh thank you very much!!! i love you! <3

Lokiseto said...

Hehe ^^ you're very welcome ;-)

Aeliel said...

Hi Lokiseto, thank you for Warp. New look of the blog is great^^

Lokiseto said...

Hello Aeliel! You're welcome! I'm glad you like the new design ^^

Lebw said...

Thank you so much for uploading this! Actually thank you for every single thing that you have uploaded!! ^^
Just one question. Do you have the DVD tour Tenshi no Revolver? I'm looking for their latest LIVE DVDs but i can't find them!

Lokiseto said...

Hello Lebw! You're welcome and thanks for your comment. ^^

I do have Tenshi No Revolver Tour DVD. It is queued for upload.

The next DVD's will be uploaded in this order:

- Picture Product Vol 5 Nex.us

- Picture Product II

- Special post with PV's VOB format not included in the Picture Product DVD's

- DIQ 2008
- Tenshi No Revolver Tour DVD
- One Life, One Death Cut UP
- memento mori 090702 (Limited Edition)

It will take some time but I'll upload them for sure ^^

Lassa said...

Muchas gracias, como siempre, la mejor XD

Lebw said...

Oh, that's great! I will wait patiently for all of them! ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I've just seen your update - it is one of the best news for me at the moment. Thank you so much in advance!!!

Horella said...

Thank U very much, I luv U, I really do! It's so difficult to find DVDs (in their original format)in the web, they're always ripped avi or stuff like that. So thanks, you made my life easier and happier :D

A question: What nero do U use? Because I can open your nrg images so I've got to transformed them into iso and then burn it, but it doesn't matter it's a simple task. Just to know.


Horella said...

Reading the comments from an earlier post I realise what the problem was, I have to change the image (nrg) to another folder to open it. I didn't knew that.

Thanks again! U're really kind to post all this, it has to be a lot of work.