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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tenshi No Revolver (Limited Edition) [DVD FORMAT]

Disc 1:

1.- Mr. Darkness & Mrs. Moonlight
2.- La Vie en Rose
3.- Montage
4.- Lily
7.- tight rope
8.- Snow white
9.- Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai    Subete Gokai Da
10.- Spider
11.- Zekkai
13.- Alice in Wonder Underground
14.- BEAST
16.- RAIN

    Disc 2: 

    1.- Sid Vicious ON THE BEACH
    2.- Baby, I Want You.
    3.- JUPITER
    5.- die
    7.- Speed


      DVD image file created with "Nero". To view the video you have to download all parts to a special folder created for the DVD and join them with hj split. You can burn the DVD image with "Nero" (or a similar program) into a virgin 8,5 GB DVD (Dics 1) and a 4,7 GB DVD (Disc 2) to reproduce in a DVD player, or you can open the DVD image file with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% (Both are programs that emulate CD/DVD Images). To reproduce the video in your PC I recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD player or Media PLayed Classic.


      Anonymous said...

      Thanks can't wait to watch it

      I am having a problem downloading "Tenshi No Revolver Tour 2007 [Disc 2].nrg.002" every time I click on the link I get an error

      Lokiseto said...

      Hello Anonymous! You're welcome!

      Thanks for telling me about the problem! I'm going to reupload Disc 2.

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you for this, but after downloading and joining Disc 1 it doesn't work. Media Player Classic says the file can't be rendered and every other dvd program I have from Daemon Tools to VLC won't play it.

      Any suggestions? :(

      Lokiseto said...

      That's weird :S...do you have the codecs installed? Are you using daemon tools to load the file?

      I just downloaded all the parts and joined them and successfully load the image and reproduced it with media player classic with no problem!

      Maybe you should check if part 001 to 043 weights 180 mb each and part 044 weights 67,26 mb.

      If the parts are complete and still doesn't work, maybe you should try downloading all the parts again :S

      Anonymous said...

      I downloaded disc 1 and mounted it in Alcohol and it pays fine.


      Lokiseto said...

      Tenshi No Revolver Disc 2 reuploaded!

      bubblemaker said...

      Oh yes! Thank you so much for all this!

      Lokiseto said...

      @bubblemaker: xD you're welcome! ;-)

      SweetJenny said...

      thanks for this dvd! *-*

      Lokiseto said...

      @SweetJenny: You're welcome! ^^

      SweetJenny said...

      hello, sorry, but when i reproduce the dvd image with demon tools and i open the file with nero, it says me "the image file is not valid". why?

      SweetJenny said...

      ah...the disc 2 doesn't join! :(

      Lokiseto said...

      Hello SweetJenny! Create a special folder for each disc and put the downloaded parts in each folder.

      Join the files with hj split and then change the joined file to a different folder (only the joined file and not the split parts), and then try to load it with daemon tools or nero.

      Tell me if it works ;-)

      SweetJenny said...

      now i try it. but an other problem were that the parts of the second DVD didn't join! :(

      SweetJenny said...

      nothing! ç______________ç
      i don't understand the problem!

      Lokiseto said...

      @SweetJenny: That's weird :S...I don't understand why it doesn't work...maybe you will have to download all the parts again :S

      SweetJenny said...

      the first is gone. the second says "disk file is invalid", yet it seems to me that I have downloaded them well. Now I try again to download them. uff... :(

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you very very much sweet loki for this live and the previous videos,thank you a lot,I don't know how to thank you... thankful words are not enough to show you how much i appreciate your work sooooo thank you to eternity.. your blog will be always amazing,gorgeous and my number one.and thank you for your upcoming videos can't wait to see theme.. but hey take all the time you want i know you are sooo busy so take care and ...well until then this is a(syonara with kiss and hugs)from me ...with all my love......Areej

      SweetJenny said...

      everything ok.
      now I can say: thank you so much for this DVD! is one of the best concerts they have done and now I can see it!

      akaromi said...

      hey girl <3 how are you? <3 i can only find you here...

      i'm loving your uploads as usual. <3
      gracias, chica! tequiero~

      Rociel said...

      First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for the uploads. You have no idea how much I appreciate them.

      Unfortunately, I believe part 7 of Disc 2 is corrupted. <:C Mediafire keeps saying there is an error downloading the file.

      Hiroki ヒロキ said...

      You are a very good man! thanks for the concert! Nya! :3

      Naie said...

      Thank you very much for your time and effort in uploading all this :D If it's not too much trouble, would you mind reuploading part 7 of disc 2? Mediafire says that the file no longer exists.

      Angel Tears said...

      I want the Memento Mori concert were Sakurai has that beard and that red coat :D.

      Anonymous said...

      Are you alive?

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you so much!
      Seems I found this blog too late

      Anonymous said...

      ola yoe sabes cual es el concierto donde sale asi Sakurai Perdon esque no se como poner aqui la imagen y encontre esta direccion

      espero que funcione y me ayudes Gracias

      Mimi said...

      Hi! How are you. I'm so happy that I found your blog. Thank you very much for the uploads...T_T

      sads said...

      Hi there! Just found your amazing site and I was wondering if you happen to have the TV broadcast version of Buck Tick On Parade 2007? I recall seeing clips of it on youtube (can't find them anymore, sadly) that shows kiyoharu performing "Boukyaku no Sora" so I rckon the TV version has clips of the gust artistes playing their own songs. If you have that, please upload if you can!

      Thanks in advance!

      Manga UK said...

      There's a great post about BUCK-TICK here I think fans would be interested to read!


      Honey So Sweet said...

      amigo puedes subir todos los dvds en MEGA , contactame honeysosweet21@gmail.com

      bubblemaker said...


      I was thinking about torrent files, have you tried that?
      I hope you can find a solution soon, we're all very grateful with you and the fact you're trying to share this things with us.

      Thank you!